Eco-friendly Wedding Decorations Ideas to Keep Nature Green

Decoration is one of the most important aspects of exemplary wedding. Whether it is lamp decoration for lighting or flowered decoration of stage background, everything about wedding decorations must be perfect. Everything about it should be arranged beautifully for successful wedding. There are many best ideas to décor venue beautifully, but Eco-friendly decoration is now popular amongst couples. Such decoration can make wedding special and a contribution in keeping nature green. Well, these weddings can save one from high expenses to décor place for meretricious look. If you are now wishing to have such wedding, follow these nature-friendly decoration ideas.

Wedding decoration
When it comes to décor place nature-friendly, first thing that comes to mind is paper. Since paper is easy to dispose and recycle, it can turn out as most important item for decoration. However, paper should be of good quality without compromising on look and decoration. You can arrange paper crafted flowers with light pink shaded for beautifully decorated entrance. You can create garlands from light colored paper adorned with gold hues. For light decoration, use paper lanterns instead of neon light or candles. Since there are different types of paper available in various colors, you can use it for different light effects. You can also add flowers such as pink, red flowers with these lights to make your guest get amazed.

wedding decoration
You can also use stones for wedding decorations. Stone is a good option for nature friendly decoration like paper. You do not need to step out from house and collect these for decoration. You can ask event planner to provide some stones with innumerable hues. You can decorate those stones at entrance place for multicolored effect.

Well, those are some Eco-friendly decoration ideas. If you have some other suggestions about “go green” decoration, there is no hesitation in using it.

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Suggestions for Having Peacock Themed Wedding

Peacock, known for its pretty colors and feather, rules in every aspect of Indian wedding. This trend is not new in Indian wedding. Whether it is henna design or motif for bridal Lehenga, peacock has always been a part of it. However, you can amaze guests with utilization of it in every aspect related to marriage. Obviously, you want a special and perfect wedding and this peacock theme will help you. Make it part of attire, decoration, thrones, jewellery and wedding cards etcetera. Here are some ideas related to have peacock themed wedding.

Peacock themeYou can incorporate peacock theme in everything related to bridal attire. Lehenga, Jewellery, brooches and everything can be used in incorporating peacock theme in distinct way. You do not need any particular design to include this. There are various designer jewellery are available having peacock motifs attached. You can use peacock colors and design in regular accessories such as makeup case, vermillion case, key rigs etcetera. It will give uniform touch to entire accessories. Peacock theme can also be used in groom’s attire. Boutonniere can be designed according to peacock theme. If it is traditional Indian dress groom is wearing, peacock motifs and designs will add unique and cool look.

Peacock theme wedding cakeWhen we move to preparation for marriage, two things which come first are invitation cards and decoration. You can look and buy wedding cards online with fabulous peacock designs. You can use peacock theme in wedding decoration in various ways. A sculpture or symbol with two decorated peacocks facing towards each other can be used at either behind couple’s thrones or at entrance or both. Peacock’s feathers can also be used with flower decoration. You may use peacock posture in decorating cake, gifts also.

Well, peacock motifs and designs combine both traditional and modern design in a harmonious way. There are some relevant ideas mentioned above. However, you can use your creative ideas and with help of these you can make your dream comes true by having peacock themed wedding.

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Why Should You Use Regular Sized Invitation Cards

The wedding invitation has vital significance in marriage. Couples wishing to have spectacular marriage should not compromise with wedding invitation cards. This is an initial impression about your marriage. There is a wide range of best designed wedding cards available in the market. But wedding cards from India come in beautiful design with traditional look therefore they have huge demand across globe. Some best shops for marriage stationary provide facility to buy wedding cards online. These shops provide customizations in those marriage cards too.

Indian wedding cardsWith huge choices in wedding invitation cards, it may be a typical task to select a good one. When you are about to order Indian wedding cards online for your marriage consider size of wedding cards too. The wedding cards from India come in different sizes. Cost of invitation card also depends on size you select. You can choose invitation of any size but regular size is suitable to your pocket. There are some reasons behind selecting regular sized wedding cards but, the cost is the most important one. If size of wedding card is regular, cost of wedding cards will be reduced. This will reduce estimated budget for wedding or leave you with some extra money to use in something important.

indian wedding cardSome of your guests may be at remote location so you have to post these invitations to them. When you select larger sized wedding cards from India, you will have to use more postage stamps. It will cost you extra for sure. More size will increase the overall weight of card which is also a cost deciding factor in sending posts. Handling of these wedding cards will be calamity. Moreover it will be a trouble to dispatch a vast number of such invitations. So order Indian wedding card of regular size for convenience in both handling and cost cases.

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Plan Intimate Wedding Wisely

The nuptial or tying the knot as in Hindu culture is most awaited in everybody’s life. The marriage is the moment which everybody wants to be special and perfect anyhow. The marriage has variegated set of scenarios. The Indian wedding comes with variegated range of customs and ceremonies and there is an Indian wedding card having information about those ceremonies. Since everybody wants marriage special the wedding can result in much expensive bills sometime. Therefore intimate wedding is in trend nowadays. The intimate wedding needs perfect planning just like a normal wedding.

wedding cards
You and your partner must decide how intimate wedding should be. When you are decided on intimate wedding you should tell your family about this. When you discuss about intimate wedding with your family involve only closer one. If all are agreed for intimate wedding then you should step forward. It is necessary that all family members agreed to avoid any disappointment or dispute later. After that you can go for making a list of guests for wedding and order Indian wedding cards online accordingly. The budget for wedding should be planned according to your guest list.

intimate weddingWhen someone plans for intimate wedding they go first deciding budget and then preparing guests list. Here it should be opposite. When you plan budget then first prepare guests list. The guests list should contain only the close relatives you want on your big day. While preparing guests list discuss it with your family members so you do not have to go revise the list again and again. A great tip here is start with most inevitable names. Prepare this list as soon as possible so you can buy wedding cards online. Now prepare budget accordingly. Intimate wedding does not mean you should cut down your expenses. You can spend the budget on what you want.

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Look for Wedding Seasons and Vendors before Sorting Out Wedding Date

The nuptial or in another words tying the knot is the most significant moment for everyone since it comes once in a lifetime. That is the moment which everyone wants to be special and memorable for lifetime. In every culture the wedding has been treated as a special moment for bride and groom. Although in every culture the wedding has its own customs and ceremonies but Indian weddings have a variety of customs and ceremonies. Each ceremony is important from religious perspective. Since there is variety in culture in India therefore customs and traditions also come variegated. Also there is Indian wedding card which contains all information about the wedding ceremonies.

indian wedding cards3
Before going for the wedding the first thing, which is important, is deciding the most auspicious day for tying the knot. There are some factors which affects the wedding date. These are astrology, wedding season and availability of vendors. These all factors are interrelated to each other. The horoscope and astrology may help deciding the wedding date but the wedding season is also important and more than this the availability of vendors such as photographer, priest, and marriage venue also affects the wedding dates.

indian wedding card2
Once the wedding date is fixed look for seasons and vendors. There are 3 seasons which are best for wedding the spring, monsoon and winter. It depends on you in which season you want to get married. Also the availability of wedding venue is important factor. May be you want to get married at your favorite venue on particular date but that wedding venue has already been booked.

You might want to get your favorite photographer or floweriest on that day but they are not available on that day then that will also affect your wedding date. You should also discus with your partner for such things before wedding date is fixed. You have to decide the wedding date as soon as possible since you may have to rush to Indian wedding cards manufacturer.

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Emotional Intent behind Kanyadaan – A Ceremony in Indian Wedding

The wedding is considered very important in society. In every culture and religion wedding is considered as an auspicious moment for bride and groom. In Indian weddings there are various customs and traditions are followed. All these customs are varied with region and religion. In Hindu nuptial all these customs have some religious significance. All these customs are organized following religious rules strictly. In Hindu wedding, the Indian wedding cards are there to inform about all these customs and ceremonies which are going to be in the marriage.

Indian wedding cards
These all ceremonies also have emotional significance too. In all these ceremonies Kanyadaan ceremony has most emotional significance. This moment is filled with emotions in every wedding as father makes a biggest sacrifice by giving his daughter away under care of another man, his husband. The bond of love between father and daughter is not unique in India only. This kind of emotion is shared by father and daughter just like the love bond shared between mothers and sons. Father always considered daughter as a proud possession. They took every care while bringing up their daughters. Father may be strict but he melts down in emotions by looking at her daughter’s smile.

hindu wedding
So thought of handing over to another man this kind of bond can be heart breaking. But this is unavoidable fact of the life. This particular ritual of giving daughter under another man’s possession is not weird to the Hindu culture. This ritual has given more importance in Hindu marriage. Giving daughter away to another man’s possession is the noblest sacrifice a father can make. In Hindu tradition Kanyadaan is the way to get place in heaven. Considering that noble sacrifice, that is an emotional moment for everyone who is present at marriage. Bride is considered to be most precious gift a groom can ever receive.

The Indian weddings have variety of ceremonies. The Hindu wedding cards contain all information about those ceremonies. This is why wedding card also play a significant role in the wedding.

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TV Fame Deepika Singh and Rohit Raj Tied the Knot on Akshay Tritiya

The wedding is a very special moment in life and everybody want it to be perfect in every scenario so their wedding will look charming. Every couple tries every possible way to make wedding charming. When we talk about the Indian weddings these marriages are very beautiful and charming in every way. If we talk about the wedding of TV celebrities these wedding are so amazing and charming that even celebrities of world also attend these wedding. Recently famous TV actress Deepika Singh got married to the director of her own serial Rohit Raj Goyal. Deepika is plays character of Sandhya Singh in the TV serial “Diya aur Baati Hum”.

Indian wedding cardDeepika Singh and Rohit Raj tied the knot on auspicious moment of “Akshay Tritiya” on May 2. The wedding took place just day after of engagement. The marriage was attended by the whole cast of DABH, friends of industry and family members. The love sprouted on the set of “Diya aur Baati Hum”. Deepika says, “When I joined the show I was quite unknown to the industry. Rohit was mentor at that time. He helped and guided me in my ups and downs. Rohit is a genuine person and he is someone you can trust.” The wedding dress of Deepika was designed by Salima Lalani. She was wearing red trousseau studded with Swarovski crystals.

indian wedding cards
The couple looked very happy together during the ceremony of their wedding among friends and family members. Lots of fan congratulated Deepika on social media and wished a very happy married life. The newly wedded couple will take leave from hectic work schedule and will spend time together. The location has not revealed yet. She was not sure of location as the holiday was supposed to be a gift from Goyal family members and a surprise for her. We wish them a very happy married life.

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Opera Singer Katherine Jenkins Engaged to Director Andrew Levitas

The wedding is a precious and highly memorable moment for everyone and everybody want it to be special. The weddings are highly celebrated throughout the world. But in some weddings there is special love story behind it. First dating then proposal and engagement comes after that. This whole trip is filled with whole of interesting turns of events. While talking about Hollywood industry this whole thing is set and comes out step by step. Recently Famous opera singer Katherine Jenkins was proposed by Director Andrew Levitas and got engaged after that. The duo has been dating since October, but declared this publicly in March.
wedding cardsDirector Andrew Levitas popped the question on April 15 during their trip to Hamptons, New York. Katherine is said to be “over the moon” since then. After news of her engagement lots of her fans have congratulated her on social media. “Thank you for all your kind wishes of congratulations. They mean a lot to us,” posted on twitter by Katherine.  This Welsh singer met Andrew in her hometown New York and fell in love. Sources said, “they are spending time together at this moment. Katherine is being careful not to give himself airs around the people as her all high profile relationship has gone wrong. But she is sure that this relationship could be one to last.”
Wedding Cards OnlineThere is always an interesting story behind every wedding just like the above one. There may be some interesting story behind your wedding. The storytelling Indian wedding cards can be a best choice to share your story behind wedding to peoples. Also that will remind you some of your special moment during this journey. These wedding cards come in vintage styled typography that will enhance interest in reading this story. There are various online wedding card stores such 365 wedding cards who provide you the best designed storytelling wedding cards.

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Prince William and Duchess Kate Celebrate Low-Key Wedding Anniversary

Wedding is an auspicious moment for everyone and everyone wants to make it special. The weddings are most celebrated event for everyone. The wedding anniversaries are celebrated just like the weddings.  The royal weddings are very charming and eye catching. The royal weddings anniversary is celebrated as much as weddings. But Prince William and Duchess Kate did not celebrate it too grand. Recently Prince William and Duchess Kate celebrated their 3rd wedding anniversary. They had low key wedding anniversary just like the previous ones. It just looked like quite night in for royal couple on the 3rd anniversary of their marriage.
kate and willStarted at college and married in 2011 the royal couple did not make their wedding anniversary a big celebrating event. The reason behind it may be the wedding of second prince of the throne and former Kate Middleton was such grand and watched by billions of people.  May be it is because of the royal couple and their 9 month old baby.  Prince George just has returned from tiresome three week tour of down under attending dozens of flights, outfit changes and engagements. This couple is known for doing unusual or non-conventional things always. They went for honeymoon a week before their wedding and right before the down under tour in 2011.
Prince William (R) and his wife CatherineThis couple has not seen celebrating in public on major birthdays. Whatever was the reason the celebration was limited to the royal family members. The royal couple has exchanged leather made gifts with each other. Other than this Kate has got jewelry as gifts at this occasion. Prince William gave a $5,000-plus Ballon Bleu de Cartier watch to Kate which has sapphire in it. This watch does match to their engagement ring. Last year they celebrated their wedding anniversary at kid’s hospice at Hampshire. This time they celebrated with the family so their baby George can also spend time with their family.

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Ranvijay and Priyanka Threw a Lavish Wedding Reception at Delhi

The wedding is an auspicious and important moment in everyone’s life as it is a signal of start of new cycle in life. This is the moment which every one wants it to be special and perfect in every scenario. The wedding is celebrated as grand as it could be. The wedding is treated as most celebrating moment in India. The Indian weddings come with variegated customs. These customs in wedding are most charming and eye catching.  Even celebrities from abroad also join these wedding. Recently Actor Rannvijay and Prianka wedding was celebrated and they threw lavish wedding reception.

Rannvijay was winner of TV show Roadies and later turned into actor. He also hosted the show Roadies. Love between Rannvijay and Prianka was sprouted during Skype chat. Later they got married at Mombasa, Kenya last week. He got lots of fan reactions congratulating him on social media. After a beautiful wedding, they hosted lavish wedding reception at Delhi for all their family members and friends. The newly wedded couple looked totally love struck all the time as they spent most of time getting introduced to family members of each other.

RanvijayRannvijay’s brother Harman prepared a video putting all the moments together from their first date on Skype to their wedding ceremony in Kenya. There was Prianka’s childhood dance performance and a dance sequence on the song Pharrell Williams’ Happy as a surprise element. In fact it was Roadies reunion as the contestants from all seasons of Roadies. Also Rannvijay’s industry friends were at the reception. We congratulate newly wedded couples and wish them a happy married life.

The Indian weddings are most charming in the world. The couples try hard to make it charming and memorable as Rannvijay and Prianka did. There are various aspects in the wedding that make it perfect. The Indian wedding cards are the one of them. The designs of Indian wedding cards are most elegant and charming. 365wedding cards is one of the best Indian wedding card manufacturers operating online available with most beautiful designer wedding cards which is going to make your big day most memorable and perfect.